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Helium 10 Logo

Helium 10


Combines extremely many tools
from $97 per month

  • Single tools starting at 37 usd per month
  • Most comprehensive features
  • Analytically strong

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FBA Tools Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout


Strong overall solution
from $39 per month

  • Full Suite from $39 per month
  • Fantastic range of functions
  • Best data and evaluations

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Very good usability
from $47 per month

  • Real-time data and dashboards
  • Campaign control
  • Optimizations by A/B tests

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All the key tools compared to your successful Amazon business. On this page you will find the most comprehensive comparison of the most high-performance applications available on the market at the moment. There are many tools that specialize in Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA). Find out which really keeps what it promises and earn money in no time with your own FBA business on Amazon. We’ll tell you what matters.

Die Top 3 FBA Tools

Looking for the best tool suites to prepare for all FBA tasks? We present you the three strongest complete solutions.

Helium 10 Logo

Helium 10 – the All-In-One Tool

Whether you want to find the right products that you can best sell on Amazon, do a full keyword research, and optimize your listing on Amazon, Helium10 certainly plays an important role as a full-fledged performance suite.

The tool has a very large range of functions and is one of the most comprehensive tools on the market. In terms of price, a lot is also relativized here, because Helium 10 is a complete suite of 14 different Amazon seller tools, with which you actually hold everything in your hand to sell successfully on Amazon.

Last but not least, it also has a strong competitive analysis and product and revenue espionage features that give you valuable marketinsights.

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FBA Tools Jungle Scout
Jungle Scout Logo

Jungle Scout – the Swiss Army Knife among FBA tools

Jungle Scout is an Amazon Seller tool that is optimally tailored for use on AMZ. Above all, the system scores points over other solutions on the market with a really great range of functions and data, i.e. the focus on the right metrics and evaluations.

Amazon metrics such as bestseller rank, number of reviews, sales, units sold and other factors, especially in terms of evaluating sales potentials of certain niches, are simple and clear on your cockpits. Thus, you make really well-founded decisions for suitable and profitable products on Amazon.

Other features such as keyword research or article/ASIN tracking complete the profile. In addition, With assets like the Suppier Database, Jungle Scout provides a really good way to find suitable suppliers and with the Product Launch Manager a really great tool for introducing and generating ranking of your products on Amazon.

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Sellics Logo
Sellics Logo

Sellics – strong in operation

Sellics’ Seller Suite has an absolutely great user interface. The app is also very suitable, so that you can follow up well on the go from your FBA business. The tool combines a wide variety of features you need to control a successful Amazon FBA.

From product research and SEO optimization to review and inventory management, campaign control and competitive analysis, everything is included. In addition, there are many data models and evaluation options to which very often also concrete recommendations for action are linked, which support the optimization.

More Strong Amazon FBA Tools

As an alternative to the big complete solutions like Jungle Scout, Helium 10 or Sellics, there are other great and powerful tools.

Shop Doc FBA Tool

Shop Doc
Shop Doc Logo

Dashboards, controlling, keyword rankings, product searches, search terms and many more

Starting at 99 € per month

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Amalyze for Amazon

Amalyze Logo

Product research, large database, >2 million products, prices, keywords and much more.m.

Starting at 149 € per month

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Seller Logic

Seller Logic
Seller Logic Logo

Price control, error finder, monitoring, optimization strategies and many more

Starting at 19 € per month

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Free applications

There are also free Amazon FBA tools. In this way, solutions for more specific tasks can be used as a supplement or as an alternative for a quick introduction to the topic of FBA.


Strong tracker for prices on Amazon

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AMZ Base

Product research and ASIN search tool

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Sonar of Sellics

Free Sellics keyword search tool

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Alerts on price history and changes

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Useful knowledge of FBA

What should I have fundamentally understood about Amazon and FBA? What are the key foundations for successful Amazon FBA? How do I start my FBA business? We have collected a whole collection of relevant and helpful tips and tricks.

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA is the abbreviation for: “Fulfillment by Amazon”to german i.e. “Processing by Amazon”. Retailers registered with Amazon can store, ship and return goods and customer service themselves, or hand over these tedious and time-consuming tasks to Amazon. FBA, which is Amazon’s handling, also offers a variety of advantages:

  • Retailers get the coveted Prime logo, which is Amazon’s promise of fast shipping and excellent customer service.
  • Products are more likely to be placed in the shopping cart field. If there is more than one salesperson for a product, the first item that appears with a placement in the shopping cart field on the product details page. As a result, buyers are also more likely to put the product in the shopping cart and buy it.
  • Products shipped by Amazon will be contactedon the product details page. Amazon customers appreciate this service because it stands for fast and uncomplicated shipping, unique customer service, and customer-friendly return of the goods. Traders who use FBA have a big advantage over traders who do not use FBA.
  • In addition, FBA-registered retailers can access Amazon’s European logistics network. Here, products are simply sent to a logistics centre in a desired European country. Amazon ships the products for storage throughout Europe. All these products have the PRIME promise and can be shipped against local shipping fees.
  • As an option, Amazon also handles labelling, packaging (including attaching tape and inserting bubble wrap) and a gift packaging service.

How Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Works

Amazon is njust a great sales platform for many shoppers. On the German Martplatz alone, there are about 50,000 active dealers who offer their goods. They ship their goods or use the service that Amazon offers. This service is called FBA “Fulfillment by Amazon”, which translates as “Processing of Amazon”.

The FBA program has many interesting advantages for large and small retailers: Amazon takes over the shipping of the goods and takes care of the returns. In addition, Amazon provides logistics centers, so that as a retailer you don’t have to worry about storage space.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon FBA?

Anyone who works in the field of e-commerce knows how expensive it is to sell goods on the Internet. An online shop has to be programmed, payment providers have to be involved, a warehouse must be rented or purchased, you have to take care of the shipping, the customer service, returns and of course also in the employees. Here the advantage is that you have the whole process as a seller in your own hands. However, most processes can be reported to Amazon, so that as a seller you can concentrate on the essentials: shopping for goods, sending them to the logistics center, creating listings and keeping an eye on the stick.

Benefits of Amazon FBA

  • no longer necessary for its own warehouse. Products are sent by the manufacturer (e.g. from China) directly to one or more logistics centers and are not stored there
  • No programming of an online shop necessary
  • Amazon is home to millions of shoppers actively looking for products
  • No involvement of payment service providers necessary
  • Amazon takes care of shipping
  • Amazon takes care of customer service and returns
  • Potential to grow quickly with business

Disadvantages of Amazon FBA

  • when Amazon sends the goods, the packages cannot be
  • little design possibilities in shop design
  • as a seller you have to adhere very strictly to the regulations.

Why is it better to sell through Amazon than through your own online store?

Setting up and operating an online shop is a very complex challenge. Although there are solutions such as Shopify, which take a few tasks away from a retailer, there are still various challenges and questions to clarify: shop design, menu navigation, categorization, traffic generation, creation of legal texts, integration of payment providers, creation of legal texts, selection of shipping service providers, connection of a merchandise management, shipping, customer service, returns processing, etc.

In short, setting up and operating an online store is not only lengthy, but also involves high costs. Amazon FBA takes these tasks away from one – except for the creation of legal texts and possibly a connection to a merchandise management – and requires only about 15 percent of gross sales.

A big advantage of using the Amazon FBA program is that Amazon has millions of customers who have a very high purchase intention, which is why the conversion rate is above average.

How much does it cost to sell on Amazon?

Amazon offers two ways to sell products:

The basic account:

If you want to sell less than 40 products per month, the basic account is suitable for you. There is no monthly base fee here, and Amazon charges an additional .99 per item sold, plus a percentage sales fee.

The professional seller account

This option is suitable for all sellers who want to sell more than 40 products per month – so really want to build a business on Amazon. For this option, Amazon charges a monthly fee of 39 € (excl. VAT) and a sales fee, the percentage of which is based on the product category according to the product weight and size. Detailed information can be found here:

What do I need an FBA tool for?

If you want to sell successfully as a seller on Amazon, there are many things to keep in mind or analyze: competitors, their sales, keywords used by buyers, the quality of the listing, the sales, the conversion rates, the product reviews, etc. Without Amazon FBA tools, it is virtually impossible to successfully sell products. If you sell without a tool, you will miss the chance of a successful business or even run the risk of a lot of losses.

How much should I spend on an FBA tool?

There are free and many paid tools. The price here depends, of course, on how extensive a tool is and whether a provider wants to make money with it and / or has to. In fact, programming and continuous optimization of an FBA tool are costly. We’ve looked at a lot of free tools.

On the one hand, there are good basic tools that help you a little in FBA business. On the other hand, we have found many free tools that are outdated and therefore faulty. The cost-based FBA tools, such as Sellics, JungleScout and Helium10, offer some free basic versions. But if you seriously want to build up or expand an FBA business, you should plan for at least 50 €.

Are there free FBA tools?

There are various free FBA tools for every need. Some are really good and serve their purpose, but many are also really bad and give false analyses. Most free FBA tools only perform one function. For example, they are good for keyword analysis, or they are useful for optimizing a listing. Other tools help with calculating revenue and profit after deducting all fees and taxes. They are insular solutions.

In order to run a successful FBA business, from the source of a product to the optimization of keywords, an FBA tool is needed that combines as many solutions as possible under one roof, because the solutions work optimally with each other. Almost every major FBA tool offers the possibility to try out the respective tool for free. For example, some tools offer a free base version other tools offer the possibility to try the tool for 14 days for free.

Can you be a seller on Amazon without FBA tools?

If you want to build a successful Amazon, sooner or later you will need a powerful FBA tool. We go so far as to say that as a seller you can’t afford not to have an FBA tool. An FBA tool is, as the name suggests, a tool. This tool needs a seller to make your Amazon business even better every day.

Is it worth joining Amazon’s Seller now?

Many who work in e-commerce wonder whether it is still worth selling goods as a seller on Amazon. In fact, Amazon has a lot of sellers signed in. But a lot of these sellers don’t sell – they’re just a “card oak.”

Many traders do not have enough diligence, patience and perseverance and give up far too quickly instead of going through the first phase of learning. According to the motto: no master has yet fallen from heaven. But there are also many successful sellers who have built up a medium to large business with a healthy dose of diligence and perseverance.

So there’s a lot of competition on Amazon. In order to succeed here and to be successful as a seller, several steps have to be taken: Find niche, source suitable products, create high-quality listing, sell product at the right price, operate SEO, keep an eye on the competition, etc.

FBA tools such as JungleScout, Helium10, Sellics etc make all these steps easier and help to be successful as a seller who joins Amazon as a seller in 2020. Is it still worth joining Amazon as a seller? Here is still valid the following formula:” The best time to start with Amazon FBA was 5 years ago; the second best is today.”

Purchasing criteria: What to look out for when you subscribe to an FBA tool

Many tools from one provider

Our editorial team has looked at various tools on the market – from vendors who only offer one solution to the all-rounders, i.e. the vendors who have a lot of solutions under one roof. To answer the question of which tool is the right one, it is important to remember that selling products on Amazon involves a variety of steps – from initial product research, to competitive analysis, to SEO analysis.

In order to successfully sell a product on Amazon, you will sooner or later need a variety of solutions. Ideally, the solutions are connected or combined in a dashboard. Only the so-called all-rounders such as Junglescout, Helium10 or AMZ Scout offer this. These providers seem to be quite expensive at first. But when you consider that a variety of tools are needed to add up, it is much cheaper to subscribe to an “all-rounder”.

User-friendliness is the focus

Another important aspect to look out for is ease of use. Since you as a seller should do a lot of analysis, it is important to be able to understand the different tools quickly and to be able to put them in context. An intuitive user guidance as well as an appealing design is absolutely necessary.

Good vendors are constantly developing tools

Good Amazon Tools vendors can also be recognized by the fact that they are constantly reviewing and developing their tools and adding new features to their portfolio. We have learned that all-rounders are rushing to get a lot of money into developing their tools or adding new tools to their program.

Tutorials, courses, Facebook groups … you never learn

The Amazon world is constantly changing. The terms and conditions under which sellers can sell on Amazon are constantly changing. Competition is increasing, Amazon is changing its terms and conditions, other sellers are hanging out with a listing, finding a profitable niche is becoming more challenging, etc. So there are many reasons to acquire knowledge, to exchange ideas with other sellers and to stay up-to-date. Many vendors have recognized this and offer their customers many opportunities to do so. This goes from moderated Facebook groups, YouTube channels, podcasts to complete courses.